Garden Sheds: Aluminium vs Timber Frame Construction


New Zealand is blessed with a temperate climate that is ideal for growing vegetables and fruit. Many New Zealanders set up a vegetable patch in their own gardens. To maintain your garden and vegetable patch you need specific equipment such as hoes, spades and watering cans.

Many people decide to get a garden shed to house their tools. If you have decided to get yourself a garden shed, then there are different models available. If you are in the Auckland area and looking for a garden shed the Riverlea Group New Zealand offers a great selection of garden sheds.

The two main types of garden shed are aluminium or timber framed. Here you will find more information about both the aluminium and timber frame construction, in terms of aesthetics, comfort, durability and price.

1. Durability

When it comes to durability, it must be said that aluminium is undoubtedly superior to timber, as the latter is prone to weather-induced cracking, shrinking and rotting. Unlike aluminium, which maintains its properties over the years, timber tends to absorb moisture and this can make it warp or develop mould.

A timber garden shed can be problematic for those who live in rainy climates, as there is always a high risk for fungal infestation and the various respiratory diseases triggered by mould.

Aluminium sheds, on the other hand, are lightweight, very durable and pest-resistant, and they can also be coated with a protective layer that will prevent rusting.

2. Appearance and comfort 

Garden sheds that feature a timber frame construction tend to be more aesthetically pleasant, as timber is known for its naturally textured patterns that give it a soft and warm look, while aluminium has a flat surface that gives it an industrial, cold and impersonal appearance.

This is why timber frame constructions are the best choice for those who want to enjoy a truly traditional garden shed, and make no compromise in terms of appearance or aesthetics.

While aluminium is both lightweight and a great conductor of heat, aluminium sheds can be very cold as they are unable to prevent heat from escaping during the cold season, and they can become extremely hot during summer. Timber sheds, on the other hand, are naturally insulated and can maintain a relatively stable temperature throughout the seasons.

3. Cost

Last, but not least, the cost of the construction frame depends mainly on whether you opt for a prefabricated garden shed, or you build one yourself. Either way, aluminium tends to be more expensive than timber, although timber requires more maintenance (outdoor paint and coating, sealers, varnish and such) throughout the year.

If you are looking to buy garden sheds in Auckland, then visit the Riverlea Group New Zealand website to view their quality range of timber and aluminium garden sheds.


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