5 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Garden


Maintaining your garden so it is healthy and looks beautiful throughout the whole year can be a challenge. Here are four useful hints that will help you make sure your garden stays green and well-groomed, regardless of the season.

1. Give your plants enough space to grow

One of the biggest mistakes novice gardeners tend to make is that they plant shrubs, veggies or fruit trees too close to one another, which means that the new plants will not have enough room to grow and thrive. Plants need space to get all the necessary nutrients, sunlight and moisture, and without these things they won’t develop properly.

2. Make the best of your composted garden waste

Your plants cannot thrive without the right nutrients, and while it is true that soil is naturally rich in them, you will still need to add some of the extra nutrients you can get from compost. Instead of buying compost you can make your own from food waste, but it is essential to remember that composted materials will decompose at different rates so some of them may be ready to use faster than others.

3. Make sure to water your plants properly

Watering your plants may not seem like rocket science, but are you doing it correctly? Excess water can create the perfect environment for mould, fungi and mildew to thrive, which will kill your plants. Most professional gardeners agree upon the fact that drip irrigation is a good way to water your plants so that they are nourished and their leaves will get just the right amount of nutrients!

4. Choose the right fertilizer

When it comes to fertilizers, garden waste is a great, natural and eco-friendly choice. However, if you plan to grow a vegetable garden, then the chances are that you will need a stronger one ā€“ one that will strengthen your plants and make them less susceptible to disease. Testing your soil is a good way to find out the quality of it and then you can work out what extra fertilizer you will need. After choosing the right fertilizer, make sure you store it somewhere safe ā€“ locked garden sheds are a great place to store your products.

A garden shed is an essential piece of equipment that every gardener needs. Garden sheds are multipurpose storage areas that come in a range of styles, colours and materials. As well as using your shed to store garden tools it is a great place to use for hobbies such as woodwork or pottery. You can store large items such as skis and surfboards in your garden shed and a lockable garden shed is a good place to store DIY equipment such as paint.

For more information about garden sheds and other outdoor garden tools and accessories, get in contact with one of the best suppliers in New Zealand, the Riverlea Group. Visit their website www.riverleagroup.co.nz today!


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