A Guide to Creating the Perfect Backyard: Essential Equipment


Almost each and every house in New Zealand has a backyard, but how can you make the most of your garden space? It is a great idea to design a space in your garden for entertainment and relaxation where you can get out in the great outdoors when the weather is great. If you are planning to build a garden in your backyard then there are some important things to remember when you are first getting started.

What kind of garden do you want to have? Do you want a large grassy section and some flower beds or would you prefer areas of paving? Do you want to grow vegetables? How much time do you have to maintain your garden?

Remember that your garden can be one of easiest ways to increase the resale value of your home so make sure that you put some time into planning a functional and beautiful garden space. Whatever kind of garden you decide to have one of the most essential pieces of garden equipment is a garden shed. This article gives you some top tips for when you are looking for a high quality garden sheds for your New Zealand backyard.

Benefits of having a garden shed

A garden shed is a storage area where you can keep essential gardening equipment and other household items like paint and chemicals. Garden sheds come in different sizes so they are flexible enough for your current needs but also your future requirements. Garden sheds are important for the correct and safe storage of garden tools. The potential for your tools to be stolen is also greatly increased if they are not stored away safely in a lockable shed and having tools lying around your garden is a definite safety hazard. Garden sheds can also be used to store larger items such as lawn mowers and children’s outdoor toys and bicycles.

Some important tips when you buy garden sheds

Your shed should be strong enough to withstand a range of weather conditions like heat, rain and wind. A good quality durable material such as steel or timber is the best material to use for a garden shed.

The two main types of garden shed on the market are aluminium or timber framed. Aluminium sheds are lightweight, durable and pest-resistant. They can also be coated with a protective layer that prevents rusting. Timber framed sheds tend to be more aesthetically pleasant, as timber is known for its naturally textured patterns that give it a soft and warm look. If you are looking for a more traditional style shed then a timber look may be the most suitable look for your garden.

Both timber and aluminium sheds are sold in the New Zealand by Riverlea Group. Visit their website www.riverleagroup.co.nz for images and specifications of a wide range of sheds.

The friendly team at Riverlea Group New Zealand can provide advice on the most suitable shed for your requirements and garden space so give them a call today!


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