An Introduction to Gardening: Sustainable Gardening


Sustainability is a hot topic at the moment. Not just in the gardening world but in many other industries as well. As more and more people actively seek to make changes to their lifestyles and habits through self-sufficiency and consuming locally made products, then naturally we think about how we can use our gardens to help us achieve our sustainability goals.

Start a vegetable garden

As well as saving money and enabling you to eat well, your own vegetable garden reduces your reliance on supermarkets. Remember to start small when you begin a vegetable garden as the idea of producing your own food is to live more sustainably, not have a lot of waste by throwing away food you can’t eat. If you have an abundance of certain kinds of vegetables try to find a vegetable swop group in your local community or set up one with friends. That way you can reduce the waste you have and get something tasty in return!

Build a chicken coop

If you have the space, keeping chickens not only ensures you have a regular supply of eggs but you know that your eggs come from free range chickens that aren’t subjected to intensive farming practices. Sustainability is more that just about ourselves. It is about cohabiting with the animals and plants that share our world for the long-term health and well-being of all species, not just ours.

In residential areas of New Zealand you have to have permission from your local council to keep chickens and you need to make sure that you have the space and shelter to house them properly. While it may take time and set up costs to build a chicken coop the long-term benefits of keeping chickens make it a popular pursuit for many families in New Zealand.

Use sustainable materials

Using sustainable materials in your garden can be easy if you think of things like making your own compost from food scraps or using mulch in your garden that will conserve soil moisture  and help to reduce the amount of watering you need to do in your garden. Choosing wooden garden sheds in New Zealand is another easy way to use sustainable materials in your garden set up.

As well as being more sustainable, cedar garden sheds in New Zealand tend to look better as timber is known for its naturally textured patterns that give it a soft and warm look. There are many wooden garden sheds sold in New Zealand and because they are naturally insulated they can maintain a relatively stable temperature throughout the seasons.

The Riverlea Group Ltd offer a wide range of garden sheds to suit your requirements and budget. Their wooden garden shed range is the biggest in New Zealand and provides a great space store your gardening equipment. Visit their website,, for a full list of their New Zealand-made garden sheds and other sustainably made outdoor garden products.


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