Essential Tools to Get Started


Gardening has always been a favorite pastime among people living in the beautiful country of New Zealand. In fact, there are a range of television programmes, books and magazines dedicated to this topic.

Both the North and South Islands have all kinds of subtropical as well as sub-alpine plants growing within each geographic area. So if you are passionate about gardening, you must visit New Zealand for its gorgeous private and botanic gardens.

Homeowners in New Zealand also love planting and living amidst the beauty of nature. Many of them have gardens in their backyards or in front of the house and make great efforts to maintain them on a regular basis. If you are interested in gardening, here are some tips and tricks that will help you get started.

It is a common practice to overindulge in buying all kinds of gardening tools, especially when you are first taking up your hobby. You will find an array of the latest technology and equipment available on the market, promising ease-of-use and unmatched results. However, such tools and equipment could end up taking plenty of space and might also require a big investment. In the beginning, it is best to focus on the essential tools of gardening. These are the ones that you will use the most and are the best value for money.

1. Gloves

There is no doubt that gardening is a brilliant hobby, but it could transform into a splintery and thorny affair if the right gloves are not used. Make sure that you buy a pair that are thick and durable without being too bulky. Also, store them in such a way that they are away from excess water, insects and sun.

2. Hand trowel

This is a great tool for herbaceous planting, digging in corners as well as for extracting weeds. Stainless steel hand trowels are even better since they are extremely durable.

3. Wooden garden sheds

Wooden garden sheds in New Zealand are often used for multiple purposes. If they have a transparent roof they serve as excellent greenhouses. Wooden sheds also allow you to plant exotic species if you add features such as light and temperature control.

New Zealand homeowners also use wooden garden sheds as potting sheds to store and shelve their pots as well as seeds. These wooden sheds also provide space for storing soil bags. It is a good idea to fit a counter in your wooden shed so that you can work there easily.

4. Spade

This is a square shovel with a short handle which helps in the digging of holes for planting and also moving dirt from one place to another. Try and buy a spade which has a solid head made of steel and a handle made with thick fiberglass. Veteran gardeners claim that a good quality spade can be used for a number of years without needing replacement.

5. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is a necessary tool if you are using compost, have extra soil in your backyard or are doing an installation in your garden. A good wheelbarrow could help in hauling several hundred kilograms! This equipment is definitely a must-have for your new garden.

6. Loppers

Typically, you will have to trim back shrubs or trees planted in your garden. Loppers are a handy tool for removing branches from trees and shrubs growing in your garden area.

7. Long water hose

The foundation of every garden is water. Ensure that you get a hose which reaches every area of the garden. Adjustable nozzles are helpful in controlling water pressure.

With these basic tools and equipment, you are ready to start installing a beautiful garden in your New Zealand home! Riverlea Group are an established company supplying outdoor products and wooden garden sheds to New Zealand homeowners. Visit their website at to buy garden sheds that suit your garden and budget.


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