Gardening Tips for Beginners – Growing a Vegetable Garden

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Growing your own vegetables is extremely healthy, fun and satisfying. It can also be a little daunting for a newcomer to gardening. New Zealand’s soil and climate lends itself to growing some delicious vegetables right in your backyard and following these tips will help you on your way to a bumper harvest!

You do not need much to start, some high quality seedlings, a patch of soil, high quality fertiliser, some tools and a tool shed to store them all in! In New Zealand wooden sheds are extremely popular and come in a range of sizes to suit any home.

Tips for growing your own vegetables

1. Make sure the spot that you choose to plant your seedlings has access to the sun and is protected from the wind to some degree. It should also be easily accessible to you for all the work you will be doing out there!

2. It is easier for beginners to grow veggies rather than potted plants as they require less maintenance. If you are preparing a soil patch from scratch then remember to layer in compost and fertiliser to make sure the soil gets all the essential nutrients it can.

3. Choose seedlings instead of seeds as they are more forgiving to beginners. Look at a planting calendar that will help you choose what crops grow best in your region at different times of the year. This is essential to achieving success right from the start.

4. Wooden or cedar garden sheds can also be used as greenhouses in which to store your pots if you live in an area with a changeable climate.

5. Maintain a distance of at least two hand spaces between the plants so they do not compete with each other. Once the planting has been done, keep the area well watered. You may need to refertilise the patch during the growing season, depending upon the kind of plants you have chosen.

When your plants are growing, you will have to be careful that weeds do not take over. Pests and insects can also be disastrous for these plants and should be discouraged with the use of organic pesticides.

Having a garden of your own adds so much to your house. You will want to spend more time outside than inside your house in no time! We would also recommend adding some easy to grow plants which add colour and life to your garden.

As beginners, it is always helpful to receive guidance from people who have been gardening longer than you. Almost all localities will have gardening clubs that are usually filled with enthusiastic members eager to share their knowledge with you.

Motivate yourself by setting achievable goals and work towards them with patience

The secret to having a green thumb is to equip yourself with the highest quality materials and equipment. The Riverlea Group has been providing high quality outdoor products to New Zealand for years, from New Zealand garden sheds to garden wheelbarrows and everything in between!

All the materials used are made with the New Zealand environment in mind and are built to last. Their products are also affordable and attractive so there is nothing to stop you from starting that gardening project right now!


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