Making the Most of Your Outdoor Area


Having a beautifully landscaped outdoor space is just as important as having a charmingly decorated home interior. Your outdoor space is rich in sunlight, greenery and is a great place to have a barbecue, a party or for the kids to have fun in the summer.

Ideas for making the most of your garden

Your garden or outdoor space is the first impression your guests get about the house. This doesn’t just mean a cleanly mowed lawn and a few garden gnomes. The flower beds, vegetable patch, garden shed and other garden accessories speak volumes about you and your living style. A well-maintained and clean outdoor spot brings lots of good energy and positive vibes into your abode. Here are some ideas for you to spruce up this amazing space in front of your home.

Gardening is not all about horticulture. Landscaping the garden using rocks and stones or constructing small fish ponds are some of the other options you have when creating your garden landscape. Make the most of your garden by having a good mix of beauty, recreation and storage space.

Building a wooden garden shed is one of the best ways to increase the storage space in your home. You can store your hardware, wood chips and gardening materials in a shed and it would also be an ideal space to store your barbecue grill to protect it from dust and rusting.  Don’t let your garden space sit there doing nothing when there is the potential to turn it into a piece of paradise.

Outdoor fire pit

Come winter, the dipping temperatures might lock you indoors but this isn’t strictly true if you have a beautiful fire pit or outdoor fireplace in your garden. Just perfect for roasting marshmallows! You can even build your own outdoor oven to make some homemade wood-fired pizzas. You can look forward to camping out in your garden and enjoying some outdoor parties when you have a fire pit installed.

Outdoor pizza ovens and barbecues

Kids love the outdoors and so do adults. Make the most of the outdoors with an outdoor oven or barbecue and spice up your dining experiences!

Garden furniture

Spruce up the look of your garden with some rustic or antique garden furniture. Many people enjoy the white-painted wrought iron tea table style which creates a vintage look in your garden space. If you would like to add a more rustic and countryside feel to your garden then wooden fixtures and fittings look great too.

Garden sheds

Set up a nice garden shed that not only adds character to your garden, but is extremely handy as a storage unit to keep your gardening equipment safe from the rain and sun. Go for a readymade garden shed option or try some DIY techniques to build one of your own. Cedar garden sheds in New Zealand look really classy and are built to last.

If you are in New Zealand and would like to set up a wooden garden shed in your outdoor space, you can visit Riverlea Group has a wide range of the best natural looking sheds that promise outstanding quality at an affordable price. Choose from a variety of options and designs to turn your garden into a great outdoor space.


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