Tools for an Ultimate Garden


What does the garden of your dreams look like? Maybe you are a keen cook and want to have an edible garden full of nutritious and delicious home-grown fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Perhaps you have a large family and you want an easy to maintain garden that the kids and animals can roam around in. Or is your garden a place where you and your family and friends can relax surrounded by colourful blooms and foliage. Whatever your dream garden looks like you will need a whole host of equipment to make it a reality.

In this article we will profile some of the essential tools you will need to create your ultimate garden.

What you need

Gardening tools can be separated in to two key groups: hand tools and power tools. Which kind of tools you will need depends on the gardening job you are doing.

Hand tools

Hand tools such as hoes, rakes and spades are useful for cultivating and maintaining your garden. You may need to prepare the soil in the area where you are planting a vegetable patch, in which case you would need to use tools like forks, spades and hand trowels. Since the earliest humans we have used tools like this to help us live off the land.

Although the materials that hand tools are made out of have changed the basic functionality of these tools has not. Recently hand tools have become more ergonomically designed to prevent injury when using them.

A key consideration for garden tool manufactures is how to develop tools that put less stress on the joints and keep the body in a natural neutral position while the tools are being used.

Power tools

Power tools such as lawn mowers and trimmers reduce the time it takes to maintain your garden and make the hard garden jobs easier.

Hedge trimming is much simpler and less time consuming if you can use a powered hedge trimmer instead of hedge clippers. Power tools need to be looked after and be safely stored so that they don’t get damaged or cause someone an injury by incorrect use.

Where can you store your gardening tools

To keep all of your tools safe and dry you need to purchase a garden shed to store them in. As New Zealanders are a nation of gardeners there is a wide range of garden sheds on the market. Some popular styles include steel frame and the more traditional cedar garden sheds.

At the Riverlea Group New Zealand we offer a wide range of garden sheds that are available in many different sizes and prices with a host of different features depending on what you need your garden shed for.

We are happy to provide advice to help you find the best garden shed that will meet all your requirements. Visit our website for details of all our garden sheds including a garden shed gallery with images and specifications for all our garden products.

A garden shed is an essential investment that provides you with a secure place to store all your gardening equipment, ensuring you will continue to enjoy your dream garden in the years to come.


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